About Pam

Hi there! My name is Pam and I am the founder and CEO of Pamcakes’ Pancakes! I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, board certified in Orthopedics with a sports medicine emphasis, and a former college and a professional cheerleader. These days I both compete and live the lifestyle of a bodybuilder!

How did Pamcakes’ get started? Well… I love food more than just about anything else, but I was always disappointed to find that there aren’t many reliable, delicious, affordable & quick foods on the market for the health-conscious individual.

In trying to juggle everything and find the balance between working full-time, my home life, and fitting in my “me” time at the gym and competing  - I found it challenging to get in high-amounts of quality protein quickly without consuming a large surplus of other macronutrients (such as carbohydrates and fats). Some days it’s tricky just getting in my training at the gym, let alone getting into the kitchen to cook nutritious meals regularly. Obviously, like many of you I need something quick, nutritious & delicious!

After using various protein powders and creating lots of tasty recipes over the years (I love to play in the kitchen when I have time), I realized I could create a simple shortcut in developing this pancake mix. Fast forward to today, and this is a staple in my daily diet to keep me on track for staying full, staying fit, and maintaining taste-bud sanity. I hope you find these as deliciously satisfying on your journey to being your best you!