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It's Easy! Just Add Water

A delicious protein-packed pancake mix that keeps you powered up to go!

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Start your day with stacks of protein-packed goodness.

👋 Hi! I'm Pam

I am the founder and CEO of Pamcakes’ Pancakes! I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, board certified in Orthopedics with a sports medicine emphasis, and a former college and a professional cheerleader. These days I both compete and live the lifestyle of a bodybuilder!

How did Pamcakes’ get started? Well… I love food more than just about anything else, but I was always disappointed to find that there aren’t many reliable, delicious, affordable & quick foods on the market for the health-conscious individual.

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🤩 What makes us different?

We were tired of the same old [gross] protein pancake mixes. So we changed thed game.

  • High Protein Mix

    Every 2 servings of our pancakes are loaded with 24g of protein.

  • Clean Ingredients

    Our pancake mix is gluten-free, low carb, and low calories.

  • Just Add Water

    No mess. No fuss. Our pancakes are super easy to prepare.

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