Featured Athlete March 2019 - Frank Griffin

Frank Griffin
March 2019


Name: Frank Griffin

Age: 36

Location (state): Pennsylvania


  1. Last time on stage: 10/18
  2. When competing next: 5/24/19
  3. How many shows have you done: wow let me think I'm up to 20 pro shows
  4. Do you coach yourself, or are you coached/on a team – please specify: Currently coached by Mandus Buckle from underground athletes.
  5. What do you do? Work/school? I work full time as Manager of as a Super Market (Acme) her in Philadelphia  
  6. How’d you get into competing? Just going to the gym, a guy named Don thought I had a lot of potential so I figured I'd go see a show and try it out. I was hooked
  7. What does being “fit” mean to you? It’s a way of life you don’t have to get on stage just promote a healthy lifestyle inside and outside. Growing mentally, physically and spiritually are all parts of a fit lifestyle
  8. Favorite type of workout? Strength training and building up my physique.
  9. Favorite body part to work out? Probably Chest and arms. I see the quickest gains in both body parts. Legs would be top 3 also
  10. Do you: Track Macros / Meal Plan / Intuitively Eat? I do track Macros but I'm way more flexible in the offseason.
  11. Favorite food? Favorite “fun” meal? Fav food is chicken and rice and burgers
  12. If you could travel anywhere, where and why? Greece just seems like a beautiful place overall
  13. What advice would you give to someone just starting a fitness regimen for lifestyle and/or competing? Have fun learn as much as you can and do it for yourself. Make sure your doping it for the right reasons.
  14. How do you balance personal life with school/competing/work/etc.? There is no balance you have to fit fitness into your life until you can make it a profession.
  15. Favorite Pamcakes’ flavor and why! White Chocolate is my Fav just is so creamy tasting and versatile. Just enough sweetness but not overpowering.  
  16. Pancakes or waffles?!? :)  Both depends on how I'm feeling I was doing waffles for months now I do pancakes
  17. Favorite thing about Pamcakes? That it fits in my life, allows me the feeling of having what I would call a cheat meal but makes it “Safe”
  18. Any advice you’d like to give to your younger self? Yes, don’t get any credit cards lol and follow your gut its normally right
  19. Role Model(s)? Really My grandmother, my mom and just try to act how I believe a Good person would act. No one is perfect but we all can be better
  20. Long term Goals (on and off stage; either or both)? To one day make fitness my way I make a living and also compete on the Olympia stage in 2019.