Pamcakes' Pancakes

Pamcakes’ Pancakes was created with YOU in mind! These protein-packed pancakes are gluten-free and designed to better help you meet your healthful goals, whatever they may be. You don’t have to be a cook to make these easy pancakes anytime of day – just add water to the mix and pour into a pan! Our mix is made from a custom blend of pure whey isolate, U.S. milk protein, oat flour and other healthy, tasty ingredients. This allows us to bring you fluffy pancakes that are:


All to better keep you full! Sticking to a low-carb diet, or even a new fitness program, can sometimes feel daunting and bland. We believe that you CAN meet your goals without deprivation or sacrificing for your taste buds. So go crush a stack of yummy pancakes, keep hustling, and stay on track for your purpose and passion in life! #PancakesWithAPurpose

  • High-protein pancake mix
  • 3 AMAZING flavors
  • 25g* of protein per 2 servings
  • Made with pure whey isolate
  • Gluten-free
  • Non GMO  
  • <115 calories* per single serving

Easy to prepare –just add water!


*or more, depending upon flavor